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Hi! I’m Dainelle, freelance writer behind Dainelle Writes.

Are you ready to experience true joy and happiness?

Join me on my wellness journey as I share biblically-based advice on how to improve mental health, and, using three very intimate forms of art – music, poetry, and prose – work patiently towards mastering the art of loving and living in a world that so often robs us of hope.

By sharing my losses and my victories, I hope to provide a certain kind of transparency that I believe is needed both in the mental and spiritual communities so that you, the reader, can feel encouraged on your own journey to mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Tired of fighting on your own? Let’s learn how to navigate through the narrow and winding roads of life together.

Read my story.

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Special Projects

For Book Lovers

Here on this blog, I run a weekly fiction series called MiniFic, where I share my writing for free, so if you love free reads (or free things in general), this is the place for you!

My stories are typically inspirational with a touch of the romantic and speak on society or the human condition.

*Note: I do live story narrations on YouNow very Saturday. Feel free to stop by!

For Podcast Junkies

The Art of Living Free is a 25-minute weekly podcast series I host on Anchor, where I share personal stories, life lessons, as well as tips and tricks on how you can overcome life’s difficult moments, build a happy life, and achieve mental and spiritual wellness.


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My Work

Freelance Writing

I am a freelance writer specializing in mental and spiritual wellness.

I currently working as a staff writer for social journalism site,  Blasting News.


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Creative Works:

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📒Prose (eBooks coming soon!)


🎧 Music


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Contact Me

Got questions? Need a freelancer? Let’s start a conversation.

Email: dainelleaservices@gmail.com

Phone: (876) 409-2625