Embracing Love & Vulnerability

Love: some live for it, some die for it.

Love is all around us, and it comes in all different shapes and sizes.  Some time ago, as I observed the world around me and witnessed all the crazy things love made people do, I  had to ask myself what the big deal was. Unfortunately, the older I got, the more intense my world became. Everything started to have a greater meaning and I began to understand the  whole concept of love a bit more.

Love is a powerful thing, so it’s no surprise that many people can’t get enough of it. However, it’s also no surprise that so many are also completely terrified of it. Love makes us vulnerable, and with vulnerability comes both good and bad experiences.

After witnessing many relationships go wrong, whether romantic or friendly, so many people unknowingly make a pact with my own mind to never let it happen to them. So, sadly, although many people get hurt in love and are still able to move on some people would rather avoid it all together, regardless of the outcome. Some even receive the blast directly and vow never to love again.

I’ve seen people become incredibly selfish because of this, leaving no room for others in their heart, but let’s be honest though; who can judge them? Love is a complex thing and some wounds are hard to recover from. However, in my opinion, a loveless life is a life yet to be lived. Whether it be through friendship or romance, we all need a little love.

So, embrace it! Let every little painful experience be a reminder that you are alive, and allow it to change you.  I know these words may simply not be sufficient for some, but don’t give up on love. Embrace the world. Embrace the good AND the bad. Feel everything. Let love burn right through you.


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