It was a Thursday morning, no different from any other. Julia was getting ready for what she called “another boring school day,” moving sluggishly almost as if doing so intentionally. Julia spent a little more time before the mirror, not to apply makeup like the so-called normal girls, but rather, to look at all the things she wished she could change. She did this almost every single day, like some sort of ritualistic act of self-torture that only she knew of.

But something was different this time. The air was still, unusually still. Julia looks back at her reflection, as if it weren’t her own. She stared at it for a while, not a single thought occupying her mind. She made direct eye contact with herself, as if competing in a staring contest of some sort, not blinking for even a second. She stood there for a while, enduring the burn as her tear ducts send a flood to save her fast drying eyeballs. Then something unusual happens; something…unexpected. She won. She won the long-lasting starting contest she wasn’t even aware she was partaking in. Her reflection blinked, but she hadn’t. With a jolt, she distanced herself from the mirror a bit. Still, her reflection’s actions didn’t match her own.

From the distance, she could hear her mother’s voice echo, but rather than running away, she stood there. Slowly, she began approaching her still reflection, her right hand reaching for the mirror itself. Hesitant, she reached for the mirror slowly, afraid of what a simple touch would allow her to discover. Much to her surprise, her action caused ripples to spread across the mirror’s surface, showing behaviour similar to that of water.

Julia jumped back once again, as a natural response to the strange event. But neither fear nor uncertainty could stop her, as curiosity took the bait.She stretched her hand towards the mirror once again, until it ate her body whole.

In a world not quite like her own, she met three strange characters, characters that struck fear in her heart with a simple look; a crooked woman, one that bent in ways incomprehensible by the human mind, a monster, one that had no face but only eyes that glistened red in the night, and a bloody woman, one whose name she could never utter.

These were the very creatures that she had feared her entire life, standing right before her eyes. These were the scars she carried where no one could see them. These were the things that mentally disturbed her; things that she could never talk about lest she be seen not as normal, but as abnormal.

She had nowhere to run now, no weapon in hand nor a plan in her head. But she fought; she had to, not with words nor swords, but with solace. She knew empty threats wouldn’t make them disappear. She needed something stronger, bigger than herself. Then she found someone who was. She found the one; the one who’s image was pure and true, and whose intentions matched. Together, they stood, unafraid and unwavering. Without her fear, they had no power, so to the earth they descended and as dust they remained.


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