In circles I run endlessly

In madness and sin I dwell

In darkness I fall carelessly

Just another tale to tell

In fools I believe

To fools I surrender

Only pain I conceive

Only then I remember

That you were always there

Saving me from my own hand

 And though many burdens I bear

Only you truly understand

But again, I play pretend

As I wander into unknown land

I hurt myself again

And bury my crimes in quicksand

Desperately, I reach out to you

Eager to regain control

For every wrong that I do

Feels like a cut to my soul

One that never heals

One that never scabs

For each one a lie conceals

Feels like a thousand stabs

Hurting us both over and over again

Yet ironically,to you I run

Our hearts I try to mend

When I was the very one who held the gun


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