Chrissy sat by her window pane watching as the cars pass by, communicating with each other through honks as their owners voiced their own frustration. Pedestrians filled the sidewalks, leaving hardly any room to walk. Chrissy examined the scenery carefully as she always did, and noticed something she’d never noticed before. There were couples holding hands, people walking side by side and people chattering on the phones without pause, each with an assigned partner, whether present or not. No one was alone.

She saw freedom in their movement, a freedom she had never seen in herself. She had always wanted to be able to do that; do just simply be: to laugh, to cry, to love. But she couldn’t. She was trapped, trapped inside herself. Still, others have tried to reach out to her, uttering words of both encouragement and discouragement; words that both made her and broke her.

Then one day, as a stay ball made it’s way through the glass, her world of comfort shattered to pieces. She started to panicking, anticipating what would come next. Then something did happen. The ball’s owner made his way to the broken window, examining it thoroughly. There he saw Chrissy, and instead of reaching for what he had originally intended to, he reached for her hand. Since that day, Chrissy’s life had never been the same.


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