My Religion

We live in an imperfect world, a world where suffering and pain exists, a world where things don’t turn out how we think they should, a world that is not what it ought to be. Many question how I could possibly believe in God when all these bad things happen, all the bad things that we, ourselves, have created.

People question the existence of God, which I understand, since people often have a hard time believing in what they can’t see. They come up with these scientific explanations and theories to soothe their curious minds, carrying set points around in their heads ready to debate with believers at any given time. Believers too try to convince them, like a never-ending battle with no real outcome.

Lately, I’ve been making a conscious effort to read the bible more, finding answers to questions I’ve asked myself, and I find myself satisfied. There are some questions that I’ll never be able understand, and maybe I don’t need to. A bible verse that has stuck with me most is, “Lean not unto thine understanding.”

As I do seemingly mundane tasks, like looking out the window of a moving car, I observe everything carefully, and I can’t help but feel there’s more to all of this than we think, that maybe this world is bigger than us.

So maybe I don’t have any logical points to argue, but I have faith, and I have hope. Rather than thinking with my brain, I think with my heart, and this is what my heart believes in. I live in a world, one tainted by sin, pain and suffering, one I have no control of, one of free will. I live in an imperfect world; therefore, I cannot expect to live a perfect life. I will not question the way in which God works, because it is His way.  In that, I have found happiness.

These are my beliefs. You are free to believe/say what you want to.


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