Day 2: The Quote Challenge

Welcome to day 2 of the quote challenge!

The rules are as follows:

  • For three consecutive days, you have to post a quote.
  • Acknowledge the blogger who has nominated you.
  • Each day you have to nominate three different bloggers.
  • Let the bloggers know you have nominated them.


Quote #2

Solitude vivifies; isolation kills.
-Joseph Roux

Today, I chose this quote because contrary to popular belief, being alone isn’t always bad. I have the tendency to address specific topics repeatedly, not intentionally, but because they mean something to me. Being alone is one of them.

I remember sitting alone once, staring blanking as I usually did. Someone approached me. The conversation that followed make it clear that he thought being alone and loneliness were the same, and so our debate began.

I described being alone as a state, while I described loneliness, rather, as a feeling. It was a pointless debate in the end because he couldn’t comprehend it, how someone could be alone and not feel lonely. Then there’s isolation, something most people can’t wrap their minds around; why someone would intentionally exclude himself.

Still, I like being alone. Sometimes, I have to remind myself that it is actually bad for my mental health to be alone all the time, but being alone has actually helped me to get to know myself better. This is important for everyone, whether you are an introverted individual or an extroverted one. You can discover so many things about yourself, and it can be an exciting experience.

Isolation, on the other hand, is never good for anyone. It only destroys you, despite how much you may convince yourself that it is good for you, but I understand it. There are several reasons why a person may want to isolate himself, but nothing good ever comes out of it.

I think this quote sums this up quite nicely.

Now, for today’s nominees…

I will post the final quote tomorrow. 🙂



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