Life Is Unpredictable – Accept It!

For someone like me, change can be quite a stressful experience. I can’t say life has always gone as I had planned it to.  I doubt anyone can say that, really. When I was younger, I just couldn’t comprehend it; why things didn’t go according to plan. Often times, I’d reflect on my past actions, almost as if desperately seeking a reason to blame myself.

Now that I’ve grown older, not much has changed, really. But day after day, that piercing voice that reminded me of my mistakes and told me I was nothing but a burden; slowly, that voice fades into a whisper. Now  I have another voice leading me; the voice of hope.

This is the voice that makes me strong, the voice that shows me that even in the darkest times, I will pull through because everything happens for a reason: to make me into a better person. This is the voice that constantly reminds me that I am here for a reason, and that mistakes are to be learned from, not dwelled on.

So yeah, life may be unpredictable, but there’s no point in trying to control something you really have no control over. So solution? Find your voice of hope, friend, and listen to it. It’s there, somewhere, and it wants to be heard.


2 thoughts on “Life Is Unpredictable – Accept It!

  1. Very true indeed! I always have to remind myself and the people around me that we should only worry about the things we can control and not burden ourselves by worrying on the things that we cannot control.

    Shit happens. 😂


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