My Testimony: Unconditional Love

As I reflect on the past, I begin to realize that even in my deepest, darkest, and even most shameful moments, I was never alone.There was one specific moment where I found myself being comforted by a soothing voice, uttering simple yet powerful words of reassurance in what appeared to be my darkest hour. It’s a moment I can never forget.

It amazed how such simple words could shake me to the core, and I knew that Science just couldn’t quite explain this one, simply because what I felt in that moment just couldn’t be put into words. It was God, I thought, and I had no doubt about it.

Looking back, I realize now that I was never alone, because in even my broken state, He was there for me. Now through Him, I have unleashed strength beyond that which I thought I possessed. Because of my experiences, I know now that He loves me unconditionally. Now all I want to do is give Him the exact kind of love He gives me.

Now I see things in a different light. I’m more grateful for life and am now able to accept my imperfect self, whilst trying to improve on what really matters; not my acne or my class position, but my character. I know that God is not to be blamed for my misfortunes. Instead, I have accepted that these are the consequences of living in an imperfect world, where evil roams freely. So sure, my body doesn’t exactly work as it ought to, and sometimes my brain can be my own worst enemy, but regardless of my circumstance, I will strive to love Him as he loves me: unconditionally.


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