The Perplexity of Life

In an ideal world, the rich would be kind and the poor relieved, but that simply wasn’t the case for Rowa. Rowa was only 16 when she began to roam the streets of Jenova. She’d been an only child, born to Robert and Tyra Johnson. Unable to afford proper education, her parents had only been able to take up odd jobs to get by. They were hard-working people, Rowa thought, but the family only got by on what they needed. Gifts were a luxury for her, though she didn’t think a minute to complain. But soon enough, they couldn’t even afford the things they needed.

Then there was Patrick, a wealthy young man who’d been blessed since his birth. He had a solid education and multiple connections, so the opportunities came pouring out to him. Simply put, to people like Patrick, life was effortless. Patrick kept every bit of his earnings that he could, spending them both on the things he wanted and the things he needed. There was never a second thought; no hesitation. Mean, the people liked to call it, yet he hadn’t known any better. He only knew what he’d been taught.

Yet, somehow, there are people in this world like Patrick who are kind, and those like Rowa who become successful, much like those in an ideal world. But in an odd twist, we do not live in an ideal world, but rather, a complex one, where good things happened to bad people, bad things happen to good people and vice versa. Overwhelmed by the bad, we often fail to see the good in this world; a world where good & evil coexist.


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