The Bully & The Bullied

Mark lowered his head in shame while the other students cheered her on. Standing before him was Gigi Lawson, his self-assigned bully since age 11. She towered over him, outweighing him by a good 50 pounds. He was no match to her.

Bruises decorated his arms and legs, and he’d begun to store ice packs in anticipation. He reported the incident several times before; even got Gigi a good number of detentions and suspensions. Now he knew better. Now he knew that if he ever tried that again, he’d need much more than a few ice packs.

Weak, his father called him. He’d heard it so many times, not only from him, but from everyone else around him that he’d started to believe it. Day after day, he grew more furious, until finally, he had enough.

Armed with pepper spray cans and his bare hands, he decided to surprise her at her usual spot, where she’d sometimes torment him in private. Feeling hesitant, he looked at her a bit and reflected. Was what he was about to do really worth it? Wouldn’t that make him just like her? Frustrated with himself, he decided to leave. However, to his surprise, she wasn’t alone.

“Where’s the money, fatty?” the boy tilted his head, smirking.

“I told you. I don’t have any!”

“Stop lying! Your father owns, what? 50 businesses? He’s probably the richest man in this country.”

“My father never gave me a dollar since the day I was born,” Gigi mumbled.

“You know what? Let’s do things a little differently,” another boy interrupted, feeling agitated. Quickly, he pulled out a pocket knife. Almost instinctively, Mark made his way into the scene, pepper spraying the boys before they could do any real harm to him or her. After doing enough damage, the two made their escape.

Finally coming back to his senses, Mark realized what he had just done. Silently he looked at her, recalling all the awful things she’d done to him. He felt angry, and even regretful. Dark thoughts clouded his brain, thoughts he hadn’t know he was capable of having. How he wished he could have carried out his original plan. Still, somehow, he couldn’t. Weak, he thought, holding his head down in shame. Then suddenly, she began to cry.

Thank you…” she mumbled through her tears, pulling him into a tight embrace. Surprised, he quickly freed himself from her grip and ran off.  Since that day, Gigi never bothered him again. Had he forgiven her? Hardly so, but surely, he’d never been able to see her the same way again.


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