The Good, The Bad & The Misunderstood

There are three kinds of people in this world: the good, the bad and the misunderstood. The good people are those who always seem to know exactly what to say; who are always willing to help you out, and who seem so perfect that you either bleed with envy or love them endlessly. The bad are the kind you can’t stand and do not wish around for even a minute. You either hate them or fear them.

Then comes the misunderstood: the kind that means well but is never able to show it. Draya was like this; quiet but troubled enough to make anyone who bothered to get to know her regret it. Thankfully, not many people tried. It was safe that way. But when someone brave enough to take the chance stepped forward, that safeness seemed to vanish.

Unexpectedly, she found herself caring for the brave fool. But even the bravest of all couldn’t withstand her flames for long. It was always easier for her to keep a comfortable distance; to go about not saying a word and allowing people to make assumptions. But she still had a beating heart, a heart that reminded her that she couldn’t continue living that way.

So she took heed. She cleaned up, fixed all her flawed perceptions and even became a better person. Little did she know that the damage was already done. She could forget the past. She could start over, but the damage was already done. She’d broken a heart without even knowing it.

She never thought twice about it; regardless of where she’d been in her life, that brave fool would always be with her. But somewhere along the line, that connection was lost, yet she’d been so lost in her own head that she couldn’t see it.

She felt hopeless at the realization. Like lightning, the memories came back to her. How nasty she’d been to them. No wonder, that in the end, she was alone, she thought. But what she didn’t know was, she still had hope. As long as she was still alive, she had hope.

There was no use in dwelling on the past anymore. People come and go. Now it was time to start over, and acceptance was the first step. She had to accept who she’d been in the past in order to be able to accept who she was now. She’d always been a good person, after all; just misunderstood.

Hello everyone! Yes, I’ll just come out and say it. This story is basically about me. See, I haven’t always been what you could call the best person, but like this story says, that is in the past. After all, beating myself up won’t make anything better. I am a flawed being, but I’ll never be able to redeem myself by giving into the idea that I am a bad person and will never be able to stop being one. Instead, I wish to focus on other things; on helping others and being able to show my true self, shamelessly. Thank you for being here, readers.

I encourage you to find it within yourself to forgive those so-called “bad people.” Neither hate nor fear them. After all, they too may just be misunderstood.


2 thoughts on “The Good, The Bad & The Misunderstood

    • Thank you for reading! Honestly, I was so frustrated with myself when writing this, but in the end, I found myself writing something hopeful and reassuring. I’m really glad that you liked it 🙂

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