Thoughts On: Sexism

For decades, both men and women have been assigned specific roles in society. 

Traditionally, men are expected to be stronger, both physically and emotionally. They are expected to go out, work hard and provide for their families. Women, on the other hand, are expected to be homemakers; to care for their children and provide food for the family.

In modern times, I’ve witnessed a drastic shift in this thinking. Roles have been reversed, altered and changed entirely. More women are working in job fields that were once considered a man’s job. More men are staying home. All these changes have been both marvelous and disastrous to many. The question is, are these  changes really for the better?

Conflicts In Modern Times

The transition from traditional to modern thinking has been a rocky one due to conflicting ideas of what should and shouldn’t be. With the feminist movement, many women have been able to break free from harsh treatment,  and pursue their own dreams. Husbands have become more open-minded, allowing their spouses to have more freedom to choose. More wives are contributing to the economy, both willingly and out of necessity. 

Some men and woman have chosen not to marry and to pursue their own careers solely. But despite all these positive changes, many conflicts have arisen between  the two parties.It seems that, with all that has happened, a wedge has been driven between men and women. Instead of unifying, we seem to constantly be at war with each other. 

My Thoughts

I am all for equality, and wish for both genders to be prosperous in life. However, I feel that for many, the original goal of feminism has been lost in the desire to prove one gender to be better than the other.The relationship between many men and women have been damaged by sexism.

In modern times, men are still expected to not only be tough, but to show no signs of vulnerability. This forces men to become almost like machines; emotionally detached not only from their partners, but their friends and families. Male rape victims are looked down upon for something that they could not control, being seen as “weak.”

Men are constantly being encouraged to bottle their emotions, not realizing that vulnerability is merely a result of being human. As human beings, we all need love and support. Men face a lot of pressure to be what they simply cannot be and as a result, may fall into destructive behaviour. It is important that we women support men and let them know that they truly matter. 

Evidently, women too need a helping hand. Often times, women are seen as objects and are often taken advantage of. They are taught not to step out of line; to always be submissive, even when the lines of morality are crossed. We see now that women are beginning to speak up more and more, and have achieved quite a lot from it. However, in many countries, these issues still exist. Although much has been gained from activism and protests, many refuse to change their thinking, still believing women are inferior.

In my eyes, both men and women, though different, deserve equal respect. However, I believe were made for entirely different purposes. I see many women attacking other women online for being comfortable staying within their traditional gender roles. It is almost ironic, as the more we fight for freedom, the more we become divided.

Personally, I think it is good if a woman wants to stay home and look after her children. I think it’s fine if I woman wishes to remain unmarried and pursue a career instead. However, I do not think a woman has to wear make-up or dresses at all times. I also do not think a woman has to take on roles that she finds more suitable for a man. I believe in having freedom to think and be, while still holding onto a sense of morality.

While we may never be able to change how the entire world thinks, it is always good to seek to improve what we can. As a society, we tend to get lost in the facts; men generally being physically stronger, women having the tendency to be more emotional. We find a million ways to disprove the other’s thoughts and beliefs. What we fail to see is that, at the end of the day, we’re all human beings. We all feel pain. We all face injustice.

At the end of the day, as much as we’d like to convince ourselves otherwise, no nation can thrive without a man or woman doing what they were made to do. We all have a place here on earth and we all deserve to love and be loved.

Please note that these are my personal beliefs.


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