You had a taste for expensive things;

Dreamt of gold chains and diamond rings;

You’ve always wanted a glamorous life;

Instead you ended up just a poor man’s wife.

You thought you could’ve been so much more;

The thought alone made you head for the door,

So you set out with a will and a plan,

Made it clear you’d find a better man;

But such greed came with a great price,

And you paid it when you rolled that dice,

By spending your days playing dumb,

And spending your nights feeling numb

By smiling from ear to ear,

While hoping to come off sincere;

But you had a great darkness inside,

That no amount of money could hide.

You’d dream of a life you’ve once known,

Of all the things you did and didn’t own,

Of a man who didn’t have much,

Yet could heal you with a single touch;

Of the scent of pine in the air,

Of a calm, heart-warming atmosphere;

Not of busy streets and fancy cars,

Nor of cigarette ashes and battle scars;

Not of flashy clothes and blinding lights,

Nor of never-ending lonesome nights;

Not of days behind the walls of a kingdom,

But of the days you spent in freedom;

So as you stood bare before a mirror,

Your eyes filled with terror,

For beyond the clothes you wore,

You saw nothing more.

From poetry book, Human. Now available on Wattpad.


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