The Child Within Us

Yesterday, I went to church not feeling quite as happy as usual. Then, out of nowhere, a little boy held my hand. In that moment, it felt as if all my sadness disappeared.

Being only 18, I don’t think about children often. Half the time, I feel like a child myself. But as I looked at him, I thought to myself, “How could anyone ever hurt a child?” I just remember feeling this warmth; this desire to protect him from any harm that may come his way. My heart had completely melted, and my problems didn’t seem to matter anymore; at least not in that moment.

It’s strange to me how that little child could give me so much hope without ever even uttering a word. In that moment, I began to look beyond my situation. It was as if I were being promised something; as if everything had begun to make sense. Suddenly, I felt connected with the child within myself again. All that child wants is love. Perhaps that’s what all children want, I thought.

Then I realized something. We were all children once, and that desire never leaves us. We all want to be loved in a pure sense; unconditionally. Many of us, unfortunately, haven’t had the best upbringing and struggle to fix the errors. It may therefore be painful to reflect on those time, but much is to be gained from the experience. In my opinion, it helps us to understand ourselves better and solve problems more effectively.

But beyond that, regardless of our pasts, we all have one thing in common. There is a child in all of us; a child that sees no colour nor gender. However, we are deeply affected by what surrounds us; so much so that it has blinded us. Not until we find that child again will we ever be able to love in the same way.


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