Prayer Is A Weapon

The act of praying may seem so simple that many of us take it for granted. We often forget that it is actually a weapon we can use to fight against the enemy.

Lately, there has been a voice in my head telling me to give up and give into despair. To an outsider, it sounds quite unappealing, but to someone who has struggled to find peace for years, it may seem like a good choice.

Yesterday, I came across this song, and it reminded me that I am never alone. I have always preferred to keep my troubles to myself given that whenever I didn’t, the reaction would leave a bitter taste in my mouth. It wasn’t until I started praying more – both in good & bad times – that I began to find peace.

As important as friendship is, if you’re like me, then you probably don’t always have someone to talk to when things go wrong. Other times, the answer is just not quite what you were looking for. Luckily, God is always near to us. Best of all, you never have to feel the need to hide anything from Him. He knows everything!

The hardest thing for me has always been showing vulnerability. It felt as if, at any moment, someone would attack. But time and time again, I have felt God’s love calling me to keep on pushing and improving myself. There is no shame in it. When I seem to be going down the wrong path, I become to overwhelmed that I forget that all I have to do is pray.

My advice to those who are suffering or struggling with sin is simple. Just pray. Pray with all your heart. Bare yourself and let nothing grieve you. Tell God all that is troubling you. Ask for forgiveness where necessary. Remember that the past is in the past. He has forgiven you, and made you new.




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