Update: Changing & Rearranging

Hey everyone! How have you been? Has life been treating you well? For me, life’s been good enough. However, I must admit. My blog has been a hot mess lately, but bear with me. It is merely a reflection of a messy mind. Thankfully, after hours of debating with myself, I’ve finally come to a solution. I’ve decided to make a few changes around here. Have a look.

New Schedule

First of all, I’ve made a few small changes to my schedule. The new schedule is as follows:

Monday: Journal (personal posts, video & photography)

Wednesday: Poems l Stories

Friday: Activities (questions & challenges)

New Menu

Taking a look at my blog’s menu, you can see that I’ve done a bit regrouping in order to ‘simplify’ my blog a bit. The new menu now reads:

Pretty straightforward, right?

Well, that’s all, folks. Now that I’ve cleaned up a bit, I hope you can find my blog more enjoyable. As always, thanks for sticking around. cropped-yt-10.png



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