In The Quiet – Short Story

Elisa liked to be alone now and then. For a moment, she could forget what the world around her was really like. Silence was her escape, and a humbling experience, but only lasted so long. Soon the cycle would repeat, and she’d return to the madness it felt only she could see.

Something was different again, and it was no surprise. The world around her was constantly changing, becoming more bitter by the day. Life was meant to be sweet – at least, that’s what the movies taught her – but it was anything but. There was nothing was worth holding onto, because in time, everything would pass away.

She knew this, yet the concept of death often caused her to stumble. When the love of her life died, it became too much to bear. She screamed, cried and did all the things you’d expect of someone who’d hit all-time-low. That was when she met hope.

There was a better life to come, and the bitterness of the world proved it. All had been said before. All was to be expected. She believed, and she had reasons to, none the world could ever understand.

There was a hole in her heart, and only one thing could fill it. Faith. She clung onto it, knowing that everything else would fail her. What good was chasing the things of the world if all is expected to pass away? The answers weren’t enough. They would never be.

But in the quiet, she felt at peace again, reminded that someday, it would all come to an end. For her, this was the reality, and one worth celebrating. For them, what followed death was nothing. For her, what followed death was something more.

This is a really vague one because it’s a little personal. The world is changing rapidly, and the more it does, the more out of place I feel.  At times, it gets hard. But as always, thanks for the support.


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