Infatuation: The Love We Know Today

As the first draft of my novel Daydreams and Disguises draws to a close,  I’m forced to

Love is something I rarely talk about here (besides the occasional fictional romance) but it’s something I feel must be discussed, especially in times like these. There are many young people nowadays who delight in having multiple lovers. Some go to great lengths to hide these affairs. Some just don’t care.


I ask myself the question, How could you hurt someone you love? The thing is, we all do it. Does that mean I condone these actions? Absolutely not. If you truly love someone, you should be more than willing to commit yourself to them. But that’s not the problem here. The problem is that the majority do not know what love truly is.

As a younger teen, love to me was like having a shiny new toy to play with. It was fun. It was exciting. Then it was nothing. All the butterflies and palpitations faded away, and I was back to square one. I was lost when it came to love, but yearned for it nonetheless. I found interest in two or three boys, but none could give me the love I needed. I was broken and needed a different kind of love, one they could not offer.

Through spiritual growth, I’ve come to learn more about love and what it truly is. The truth is, love is hard work. It takes patience, dedication & self-control. It is not all about looks or charm. It is about building each other up and working things out. Infatuation and love are not the same, regardless of how convincing it can be at times. The difference? Love takes time.

I will always remember the time that a peer of mine told me it was time I got a boyfriend. Everyone seems to be in a rush to find this thing called love. The pressure is on high, and even some who think they’re not being influenced are being affected.

The thing is, love cannot and must not be rushed. You don’t need a boyfriend or girlfriend right now. Don’t feel pressured into it. Take this time to get to know yourself. Enjoy being a child a little longer. What’s the rush? Love will come, eventually.



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