Social Media – Beyond the Lens

Hey everyone! It’s Monday again, which means it’s time for another personal post. This time around, I’ll be talking a little about social media.

First I’ll start off by saying this. I love social media (in moderation), though naturally, some sites are a little more enjoyable than others. Personally, I’m a fan of Instagram (and WordPress, of course). However, at some point, I have to remind myself that I have a life outside of all of this.

The ability to communicate freely on social media has always drawn me to it. Sadly, it is also what makes it terrifying. Often times, I find myself scrolling down the YouTube comment section appalled by the hate that these people have in their hearts, even towards people like me. I find myself enraged, fighting the urge to reply. Then I ask myself. What’s the point?

It is so easy to get sucked into this world, where everything seems to be some sort of competition. You fear that what you create is not good enough. You become nauseated at the realization of how cruel the world can be. You wish that “freedom of speech” actually meant peaceful discussions instead of heated arguments. Then you realize it’s time you take a break.

Now don’t get me wrong. Social media can be beautiful thing. It connects people all over the world, and as such, holds the power to unify. Sadly, it is, more times than often, misused. But just as it is in our own immediate surroundings, we must acknowledge the fact that we cannot control what other people say. We must learn to separate opinions from facts, surround ourselves with positive energy and respect those who do not think like we do.

Personally, I have had a hard time processing how some people perceive my Christian beliefs. Where I come from, Christianity is dominant. Using the internet has opened up my mind, and I’ve come to realize now that quite a few look down upon it. I even find myself feeling pressured at times to live up to an ideal image of myself – that is, someone strong and carefree.

I have to remind myself now and then to love & respect myself and others, regardless of what is said and done. It feels good to disconnect once in a while and try to remember who I am, and why I am that person. After singing songs of praise, I feel renewed and unafraid; fired-up and ready to love those who hate me. Everything is simplified.

Spending so much time alone, I’ve learnt a lot about people. I’ve learnt to love them even when I can’t understand them, and social media has played a definite role in this lesson. Opinions may differ, but one thing’s certain. At the end of the day, social media should only be, by choice, a part of your life – not the foundation.


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