6 Things I Love About Being Emotional

I have always had a complicated relationship with brain. Sometimes, I think it’s brilliant. Other times, I don’t know what to think. At the end of the day, as strange as it can be, there is much to love about it.

Today I want to celebrate my emotional mind. Here are some of its perks:

1. Being able to expressing myself artistically.

Many artists are known to be very emotional, which is no surprise. Art is the act of expressing, and emotions often need to be expressed. Being emotional, I picked up writing as an outlet and have found it extremely helpful in expressing what can’t be expressed by mouth.

2. Being able to feel things deeply.

Sometimes, this can feel more like a curse than anything, but it has helped me to become a stronger, more understanding person. Being emotional has personally pushed me to learn how to cope under stressful circumstances and to be (selectively) open about my feelings.

3. Becoming more empathetic.

Because of my own experiences with pain, I have become more empathetic. I want others to know that they matter. I want to help them. Thankfully, I know that it is not always possible to do so.

4. Being able to grow spiritually.

Being emotional often leaves me in a vulnerable state. Spirituality gives me a chance to allow myself to be vulnerable – without the scrutiny. This has helped me tackle difficult situations, even when help is unavailable.

5. Always being protected.

When emotions are running high, it can hard to imagine that my mind could possibly only be protecting me. Over the years, I’ve come to learn emotional pain serves the same purpose as physical pain. It warns you of danger. It acts as a sort of guide for me, telling me not only what I need to avoid, but what I need to work on as well.

6. Learning to be honest.

From my experience, I’ve learnt that defending yourself is not a crime. If I were to bottle my emotions long enough, I know indefinitely that I would, at some point, explode. As such, I’ve learned to be more honest with others, though still acknowledging that sometimes, it’s best to walk away.

For the emotional person, it can sometimes feel like your mind is the enemy. Sometimes, all it takes to change that is to see things from a different perspective.


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