My Writing Life – Books, Edits, Updates

It has just dawned upon me that I have been blogging for over a year now. Originally, I had come here as a naive 17 year old who’d just self-published a poetry book and felt completely lost. Suddenly the excitement I’d originally felt publishing my first book had diminished to the mere thought, “Maybe I didn’t think this through.”

As I continued blogging, I find myself able to be as honest and open as I please, whilst sharing my work with the world. As of lately, I find myself conflicted – in love with both blogging & novel writing. I must confess that I’ve spent much of my time blogging and neglecting the very reason I started this blog – that is, sharing stories.

That said, I’ve been doing quite a lot of work behind the scenes. Just recently, I have made some edits to the book that started this all – Human – and have shaped it to match my current style, including a few photographs as well.


Currently, I am editing my novel, Daydreams & Disguises. I am also working on offering Human along with a short story ebook both permanently for free reading. Getting back to the basics, I will also be spending some time on Goodreads to be able to connect with other readers & writers.

Now the question is, why all the changes? Well, the answer is simple. I desire a sense of independence, and long for the days I could simply share stories & connect with readers. Through this blog, I feel I have already done this, but would like share some more lengthy & meaningful stories with you all, as I feel these stories are reveal much more about me as an author.

All that aside, at the end of the day, I write because I love it. My poems, stories & ramblings will always be here for your pleasure. Feel free to drop a comment or send an email my way!

❤ DainelleWrites