Perfect Love – A Poem

My confidence lies 

Not in what has been

But in what is yet to come


For I know my enemy

That he knows my strengths

& all my weaknesses


But also my God

That He conquers

& fights for me


Broken, unloved

He welcomes me

Into His arms


Boastful, selfish

He humbles 

My pride


Burdened, weary

He lays my head 

To rest


All that I am

All that I’ve been

He knows


He listens to my concerns

So that I may not worry

But be comforted


For His perfect love 

casts our fear



This poem is inspired by deeply personal thoughts that I could not even attempt to express accurately in writing. Many times I feel I have no control over the things that happen in my life. Constantly I try to regain a sense of control, only to fail. Letting God take control, I have been able to find peace, even in such a chaotic world.

Try all I might, I cannot stand on my own. I cannot control everything that happens, but I am never alone. Knowing this is enough to keep me going.



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