Dear Someone

You may not know I am

But I know you well

For though I hardly speak

My eyes have borne witness

To all your laughter 

& all your tears


For so long

I’ve hidden myself

Quietly watching

From the distance

Too afraid to approach you

Too afraid to laugh along


I have loved you

& I have hated you

But have always

wanted to know you

To show you how

beautiful you are


For by your hands

I have fallen

My heart broken

Yet without regret

Knowing, hoping

Someday, you’ll see


The beauty of living

Of loving without cause

Showing kindness to all

Turning the fiery wrath

Of your enemies

Into smoke


Writing this letter

I only wish my words

Could adequately express 

All the things I wish you knew

All that I’ve failed to tell

All the things I wish to say to you

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