The Mundaneness of Life

Have you ever stopped and asked yourself, what am I doing with my life? If you’re like me, then the answer should be yes.

Lately, I find myself feeling troubled by this thought. My heart’s true desires I’ve long been keeping to myself, always finding an excuse as to why things these things couldn’t be. Truthfully, the thought of having to sit in a classroom once again has left a bad taste in my mouth. Really, I just want to travel the world and inspire people.

But in reality, each day is like a broken record. I wake up to the same people, go to the same places and return to the same place from which I came from. I do not hate my home, nor the places I get to see. I am aware that many people can only dream of having these things, and I am grateful for them. What I do hate is having to live my life on repeat.

And who really can I really blame? If I’d worked hard enough then maybe I could achieve these goals, yet even a simple trip to the supermarket exhausts me. Still I find that exploring the nature that lies around is often enough to allow me to appreciate my life for what it is, however mundane it can get. In fact, slowly, I’m learning to embrace what has already been laid out before me and fully recognize that the people around me need as much love and inspiration as the rest of the world.

So while then, I may not currently be able to live boldly and travel the world, I can focus on the present. The undeniable reality is that even travelling the world can too become as mundane as sitting at home all day. Perhaps then, the beauty of it all is being able to make the best of what you do have right now. After all, who knows where life will take us? At least, wherever it does, we’ll always have that inner satisfaction allowing us to embrace where we are in life.


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