Faith vs Science – Why The Debate?

As the saying goes, seeing is believing. For the man who finds science to be the answer to life’s many questions, never have truer words been said. On the other hand, some rather embrace another old saying: “Walk by faith and not by sight.”

As a Christian, these words, originating from the Bible itself, are what I happen to live by, and that, to some, seems a little silly – scary, even. However one chooses view it, I have seen faith work wonders in my life, and for me, that has always been enough. Then one day, something happened, something I could have never imagined.
“Prove it to me.” These words often spark highly intense debates between believers and nonbelievers.  Most, if not all of these conversations end in disappointment. I too have fallen into this trap.

My curious young mind would spend hours searching for videos to increase my biblical knowledge and faith, only to find that the whole comment section would be ridden with heated debates. Once, after watching a rather anti-Christian video, I’d taken it upon myself to challenge the video maker’s view. When the replies came rolling on in, I realized that nothing I said would be taken seriously. After being warned by fellow commenter, to spare myself the headache, I erased the whole thing.

Now I have to ask myself, what was the point? How can one prove that which requires faith? In order to believe in God, one must have faith, and that is the undeniable truth. I could say that all things require a creator in order to come into existence. I could say that not all things that exist are visible to the eye. I could examine nature and humanity and say to myself, such magnificence could not be born out of mere coincidence. All of that, at least, requires some faith.

These days, I try to remind myself of the role that I am supposed to play. A Christian is called to spread the gospel, not to scientifically prove anything. If one has questions about God, then it is in God’s Word – the Bible – that he would be able to find answers. By applying faith, he can find truth in it.

But it doesn’t end there. For me, faith has only opened the door to a world of possibilities. As I read of grace, sin, death, prophecy and all these strange things, I look around and compare it all to the world I see around me and suddenly, they don’t seem so strange to me. That is my truth, and my understanding of the world around me.

On the flip side, I think science is a good thing, and while I don’t look to it to answer all life’s questions, I can appreciate it. Faith, however, fills my life with a greater purpose.

So, why the debate? Yes, I believe in God, not because science proves it, but because I have faith. Should I be so ashamed to admit it? If anything, faith has made me a stronger person.

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