5 Questions To Ask This Summer

Summer is a time for fun and surprises! At least, so I’ve heard. For me, summer has always been more about boredom, food and the occasional family trip. That doesn’t sound all that exciting to me, though I do enjoy the trips. Then again, where I come from, it’s practically summer all around. In fact, where I come from, we don’t have summer! (But we do have the wet & dry seasons).

All that aside, I want to hear from you.  Here are five questions you can answer or ask a friend.

  1. What are you doing this summer?
  2. How can someone spice up a boring summer?
  3. How can someone have fun this summer on a low-budget?
  4. What can someone who’s stuck at work this summer make it a little more enjoyable?
  5. What are some ways to you could help someone out this summer?

My answers:

  1. I’m going to be doing a lot of reading this summer (hopefully). There is also the possibility of a beach trip. I would also like to volunteer.
  2. Switch it up! Make a list of things you want to try and make it happen! (but please, be safe).
  3. Go out with a group of friends. Create you own games making use of what you have (even if it’s only your bare hands).
  4. Be a little crafty. Practice good time management. Set aside a time for work and a time for play, and do not allow them to overlap.
  5. Join a volunteer program. Or, take it to the streets. Give to the needy, and while you’re at it, why not sing a song?

That’s it! Hope you’re all having fun!

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2 thoughts on “5 Questions To Ask This Summer

  1. The answer to all of the above is: Take a break at the beach. Seriously, it is a refreshing break from work, and you can take others with you who also need a break. And while you’re there: take a long walk and then stop to read something encouraging. 😉

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