Be The Light – A Short Story

“It’s kind of funny how this life works,” Alissa smiled. “All the good news gets lost in the noise.”

The news was the same as always; rumours of war, a tragic death, and what all the celebrities were wearing that week. There was a strange kind of divide in interest, the younger people being more enthralled by the glamorous lives of the famous, and the older, in the politics.

“I’m not too sure there’s such a thing as good news these days,” answered Ron.

“Or maybe people just don’t care to hear it.” Alissa spoke with a guilty conscience, as she, for one, fell into that bracket. To her, finding good in this world was like finding hidden treasure.

Growing up, she was taught that youth was a time for having fun, never worry or have a serious thought. Now only at twenty one, it was hard to ignore the reality. Life wasn’t all rainbows and sunshine.

After heading out for word, her awareness of all the pain and suffering present in her world disillusioned her. As she walked, she witnessed an emaciated man stretching his hand towards passersby, only to be rudely dismissed by each and every one. As she approached him, she reached in her pocket to see if she had anything to spare, only to find that someone else was already two steps ahead of her. Generously, the man gave him enough to buy a large meal and a drink.

He smiled at him. “God bless you,” he repeated, showing his utmost gratitude.

It was nothing unusual for her to see. She herself often gave to those who were in need. This time, however, it fascinated her to think that even after all the rejection the old man had experienced, a simple act of kindness, though small, had brought him so much happiness.

She decided in that very moment that she would not let her awareness cause her to despair. Surely, she knew of all the darkness that existed in her world, but without ever having to open his mouth, this gentle character spoke to her, and the message was clear.  “Be the light.”


5 thoughts on “Be The Light – A Short Story

  1. It’s hard to be “the light” at times but the more you do it like opening doors for people (darn automatic doors these days) or smiling at a stranger, it becomes easier and easier. 🙂 I know it makes a difference but you got to learn to step out of your box, you know?

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