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After going on a long hunt for a good book to read, I’ve finally decided to give Christian fiction a go. I thought in my mind, at least, I could enjoy a good book without the guilt – no erotic material, no excessive cussing, nothing.

Fortunately, in reading my first Christian fiction book, I did find that all those things were absent – but sadly, it didn’t take too long for another disappointing realization to hit: faith and fiction don’t always mix well.

Now personally as a writer, my faith influences most, if not all of what I write. It’s hardly even a choice for me. It simply comes naturally. In fact, most of what I write could very well be classified as Christian fiction. What is truly alarming to me is that there are some Christian-themed works that could very well be classed as heretical, and I myself become so confused even reading them.

That aside, my current project Daydreams & Disguises is a Christian/ inspirational fiction novel in and of itself, (no shameless promotion here – really) so I have nothing against the genre. In fact, my issues with it are usually a product of my own poor judgement and book selection skills. I started writing because I wanted to inspire others, and my faith has always been instrumental in this. Naturally I am drawn to books that incorporate these elements, though admittedly, I’ve yet to find any of the sort.

Nonetheless, I am still hopeful that I will find something in this genre that I can enjoy.

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Beyond my reading troubles, I’ve found that being this kind of writer comes with a big burden – finding somewhere you belong. Now as a Christian/ inspirational writer, I know I know there is nothing unique about me.

What I do know is how frustrating it can be to figure out where exactly you fall into the world of literature. Often times I feel there is a pressure to just do what every other writer does, only injecting my faith into my work from time to time if I so desire. Unfortunately for me, that just does not work.

Now I don’t consider my work to be targeted towards Christians only. I consider my work to be for anyone willing to read it. But in the world of literature, to make this kind of work fit seems almost impossible.

These days, I’ve decided to just let go and write – regardless of what my prospects are. Call me stubborn, but I’d rather stay true to my message than give into the pressure. I can’t tell you that this has been easy for me. All I can say is that it has been incredibly liberating, and I would not have it any other way.






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