“Alone…” – Photography

Alone time…a time to get to know yourself, to get lost in a book, or notice the things you’ve never noticed before. Being alone can be a beautiful, fulfilling experience in that we learn to appreciate the simple things in our lives, yet, eventually, yearning for human contact once again, we are faced with a decision: to leave the comfort of our solitude, or to remain lonely. This thirst for human interaction can seem to be more of a curse than a blessing, yet it is what makes connecting with others seem all the more satisfying.

One should never feel ashamed of being alone, for it is in the moments that we are without the company of others that we begin to see the beauty in nature and are able to come to appreciate the simple fact that we are here living and breathing. One should also never feel ashamed of his loneliness, for it is loneliness that brings us together.






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