The Enemy

Here we go again

When will it ever end?

You’re still broken

When will you ever learn?

When will you return

What you’ve stolen?

Happiness seems so far away

Whenever you’re around

You always put me on display

Then push me to the ground

Am I a joke to you,

Or am I just a fool?

No matter what I do

You treat me like a tool

You hide the truth so well

A master of deception

Those pretty little lies you tell

Distort my perception

But how could I blame you

For these things that you do

When the real enemy

Lives not in you

But rather, whispers tenderly in my ear

Of all the awful things I’ve done

And of all the things I fear

Constantly reminding me

Of that same old tragedy

That changed me completely

Drowning in my own self pity

Still, I find hope

Not in the world

In the One who lives within me


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