A road trip to happiness


Above is a picture of me on a rock, grinning from ear to ear while looking down into the shallow fish-inhabited sea water.

There’s something about road trips that paints these kinds of smiles on my face – the joy of being somewhere far away from home and a stranger to all but the ones you came with.

A new journey

Unlike many others, I hardly get enthused about road trips. In fact, I’m one of those people who’d rather stay home and do work than travel too far away from home. Why? It’s not necessarily the destination that makes me weary – it’s the journey.

You see, I’m not a big fan of taking long road trips, especially since I’ve outgrown the habit of throwing on some headphones and staring outside car windows until the unpleasant ride is over.

Though the old habit has perished, it has left me defenseless. My only chance of surviving road trips nowadays is to actually participate in conversation, which honestly, and quite unexpectedly, makes all the difference. It is also such a pleasant reminder that, after years of discontentment, the clouds of depression and anxiety have finally rolled away, and that happiness is finally starting to break through.

A journey’s end

Despite my dislike for long trips, the destination is almost always worth the hassle.


In many ways, finding happiness is like this: in order to reach one’s destination, one must endure many hardships. The road is long, but in the end, it’s all for the best.

In life, there will be many times where we find ourselves on a similar journey, trying to get to that place called, “happiness,” once again. It is tiresome, to say the least, having to constantly fight our way to reaching what can sometimes seem impossible to reach, but we can still rest assured that our destination will be worth all the heartbreak that comes along the way.

How about you? How has your journey to happiness been? Feel free to comment below.


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