Open – A Poem

I’ve opened the doors to my heart

And surely, it’s been no mistake

Left in full, not in part

For all the liars and crooks to take

Yet with the pain comes pleasure

So in this moment I delight

As if I’d found some treasure

In my bleeding heart’s plight

This newfound love; this thirst for life

How long will this things last?

All those years of strife

Seem but a thing of the past

For no pain that I feel can compare

To the love that I’ve found

A freedom in being; an absence of care

My feet above the ground


Solitary Night

In this world, everything seems so black and white

Those pretty colours, they only seem to come around at night

And even in my lowest lows, the beauty of the sight takes me high

To a place where no one knows and I never even have to try


‘Cause if solitude is good for one thing

It reminds me that I’m still alive

‘Cause I can dance or I can sing

And no one’s there to criticize


Yeah, I might be all alone

But I’ll keep dancing on my own

Until the day that I find

The one to mend the pieces

Of my broken mind

God’s Love

In the darkest night

I am not alone

In a lonely crowd

Lord Your love is home

Oh what do I have to fear

when my God is near?

What could separate me from His love?


Oh Lord You are my everything

Oh Lord my all to You I bring

Oh fill me up, make me new

Less of me, more of you

Lord all I want to do

is all you called me to  do

Oh what do I have to fear

when my God is near

Oh what could separate me from His love?

Divided – A Poem

Why do we divide ourselves

as if division could

cause wars to cease

or bring us the peace we seek?


Why do we despise truth

and welcome lies

as if lies could save us

from consequence?


Why do we hate

those who do not agree

as if opposition

somehow equates hate?


Why do we preach freedom

then criticize the ones

who exercise the right?


Or is it that freedom 

only applies to those 

rich enough to buy

a position of authority


to make us pawns

designed to believe that

liberty somehow means 

defining our own destiny


never allowing

life’s unpredictability 

to take us where 

we need to be


but rather, embracing

what was made to enslave us

thinking somehow

we are free

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Loved By You – A Poem

All my life I’ve spent

searching for the one

who would love me 

so convincingly

that I’d have

no choice

but to believe


Yet inside myself I’d hide 

thinking my silence 

could buy your affection

yet met with rejection

still I’d carry on

hoping someday

you would see me


But try as I might

I could never 

be good enough

for you

still I wanted

to be loved 

by you


but if I’d had the choice

truly I say to you

that I would be myself

and hope that

someday you would

come to love

me too


Dear Someone

You may not know I am

But I know you well

For though I hardly speak

My eyes have borne witness

To all your laughter 

& all your tears


For so long

I’ve hidden myself

Quietly watching

From the distance

Too afraid to approach you

Too afraid to laugh along


I have loved you

& I have hated you

But have always

wanted to know you

To show you how

beautiful you are


For by your hands

I have fallen

My heart broken

Yet without regret

Knowing, hoping

Someday, you’ll see


The beauty of living

Of loving without cause

Showing kindness to all

Turning the fiery wrath

Of your enemies

Into smoke


Writing this letter

I only wish my words

Could adequately express 

All the things I wish you knew

All that I’ve failed to tell

All the things I wish to say to you

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Odd One Out – A Poem

An outcast I am

A stranger to all


Unloved, unwanted;

Unfit to be a friend


I speak, but am not heard

I live, but have not lived


One of many but few

Alone but not alone



Too weary to fight

but carrying on still


Hopeless yet hopeful

Friendless but a friend


In a world I do not belong

I found my place




Our Love, A Lie – A Poem

We were worlds apart

You didn’t quite understand

Said I’d give you my heart

But nothing worked as planned

Seems I’ve only fooled myself 

Thinking that I loved you

Now you’ve put me on the shelf

For all I’ve put you through 

I don’t mind anymore

We’ve gone our separate ways

I was so blind before

But I see clearer these days

Our love was tainted

Built on a throne of lies

The pretty picture we painted

Fooled our naive eyes