Dear Someone

You may not know I am

But I know you well

For though I hardly speak

My eyes have borne witness

To all your laughter 

& all your tears


For so long

I’ve hidden myself

Quietly watching

From the distance

Too afraid to approach you

Too afraid to laugh along


I have loved you

& I have hated you

But have always

wanted to know you

To show you how

beautiful you are


For by your hands

I have fallen

My heart broken

Yet without regret

Knowing, hoping

Someday, you’ll see


The beauty of living

Of loving without cause

Showing kindness to all

Turning the fiery wrath

Of your enemies

Into smoke


Writing this letter

I only wish my words

Could adequately express 

All the things I wish you knew

All that I’ve failed to tell

All the things I wish to say to you

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Odd One Out – A Poem

An outcast I am

A stranger to all


Unloved, unwanted;

Unfit to be a friend


I speak, but am not heard

I live, but have not lived


One of many but few

Alone but not alone



Too weary to fight

but carrying on still


Hopeless yet hopeful

Friendless but a friend


In a world I do not belong

I found my place




Our Love, A Lie – A Poem

We were worlds apart

You didn’t quite understand

Said I’d give you my heart

But nothing worked as planned

Seems I’ve only fooled myself 

Thinking that I loved you

Now you’ve put me on the shelf

For all I’ve put you through 

I don’t mind anymore

We’ve gone our separate ways

I was so blind before

But I see clearer these days

Our love was tainted

Built on a throne of lies

The pretty picture we painted

Fooled our naive eyes

Memorabilia: Spoken Word

Memorabilia – Poem (Spoken Word)

I love the little trips we take

I love staring through the car window with my headphones on 

singing along to a song that no one else can hear

I love the things we see and do together, as a family

Even knowing that someday, it’ll all be just a memory

Sometimes, it scares me

But when I look around, I see beauty

even in the wildest beasts

Because though this life is short

As I marvel at these sights

I am comforted and I am amazed

Knowing that all of this is a gift

And that even in a broken world

There is something worth living for

An Unquiet Mind

Night falls once again

Sleep calls the day’s end

Yet though all distraction gone

Still, my mind races on


I yearn for some rest

But a task has been assigned

At least, at best

Tomorrow will be kind


Though I tell myself so

A lie is but a lie

This much I know

The truth I can’t deny


But a slave to my mind’s folly

I shan’t allow myself to be

So though I weep in melancholy

I pray sweet sleep will come to me














Why? – A Poem

Is it my own fault that I ache?

Do these scars call my name?

Is it my own foolish mistake

Or should another take the blame?


All these questions

Still, no answer received

They’ve good intentions

Still, I only feel deceived


At times I wonder

Was there ever any logic?

To seek, to ponder

To do what reaps no profit?



Though I may be bemused

And still in an unsettled state

Though many I’ve accused

You have taught me how to wait


Lord, You are bigger than I

You see what I fail to see

So instead of asking “Why?”

I’ll keep on waiting patiently





The Family Secret – A Story

Warning: this story contains mature topics (death, abuse). 

For many, home is a safe place; a place where you could escape all your troubles. For Stanley, it was anything but.

At only age six, the world revealed its cruelty to Stanley. In a flash, his childlike innocence was stolen and replaced with anger. Time and time again, he’d try to speak, but his tongue never allowed it. He was loyal to his father’s command. “Don’t say a word.” So he didn’t. He never said a single word. His peers feared him. His teachers couldn’t understand him. It seemed as if he were alone in his little word, and would always be.

Sometimes he’d watch his mother applying makeup to cover the scars, and he’d feel overcome with guilt. He felt useless, allowing this to happen to her over and over again. When he did fight, he was overpowered. When he didn’t, he was filled with guilt. Little did he know that he’d only been a child, and there was only so much he could do. But one day, it all came to an end. Now my mother can rest in peace, he thought. Now he’s been locked away for good.

At age twenty, he promised himself that he would never become like his father; that he would never hurt the woman he loved. Then one day, he did, and he thought he’d become the very thing he hated the most. He knew the cycle would only continue if he didn’t stop at some point. But Stanley was not like his father. He was good. He had a conscience, and that was his strength.

Finally, he decided to start therapy. At first, things went well. He acknowledged his wrongdoings and wanted to change, but again, he fell. It was almost as if his body wasn’t his own at times; as if the past would forever haunt him. He blamed therapy for its lack of efficiency, but deep down, he knew the real problem. He knew that a therapist could only guide him; that only he could really change himself.

Many called his wife a fool for her loyalty, but she loved him, and hoped that one day, this love would get through to him. But at some point, she’d had enough. She left him. Then in a flash, all the guilt, shame and regret had returned to him. He was at his lowest point, and it felt as if there was no hope left. But just then, a small voice spoke to him, trying to convince him that maybe, just maybe, there was something to live for.

Months later, he’d become a new man; a man who had forgiven his father and himself. He wanted to love again. He wanted her by his side again. He wanted to prove to her that he was different now, but it was hard. She despised him, and she no longer forgave so easily. But slowly, he worked his way back into her heart, and together, their wounds healed.

The past can be painful, but love heals all wounds. It has been a while since I wrote about something a bit on the dark side, but I feel that I must be honest in my writing. The world can be dark, but there is always hope. Sometimes, you just have to find it.

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